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Engineering Pending Status

What It Means

Transfer and freshman students entering the University of Central Florida who select engineering as a major are classified as engineering pending based on their chosen discipline. For example, aerospace engineering pending, computer engineering pending, and so on.

Once admitted to the University and upon evaluation of the engineering pending requirements, students will either be asked to declare their specific engineering discipline or remain in the Engineering Pending category until all pending courses are completed and the final grade is posted on the degree audit.


Students must complete the following pending courses with a “C” (2.0) or better and be in good academic standing before the College of Engineering and Computer Science will approve a major change request to move from the “pending” category into a specific engineering discipline.

  • MAC 2311C: Calculus with Analytical Geometry 1
  • MAC 2312: Calculus with Analytical Geometry 2
  • PHY 2048C: Physics for Engineers and Scientists 1
  • CHS 1440, CHM 2045C, or appropriate Chemistry equivalent

When can I declare my engineering major?

In the semester students are completing their final pending requirements and final grades have posted, they are eligible to submit a change of major request. Instructions for changing or adding a major, minor, or certificate may be found at change major. Please note that final grades for all pending courses must be posted and reflected on the degree audit to move out of pending status (along with the required GPA). .

Transfer or accelerated first-year students can submit a change of major request prior to attending UCF orientation if all pending requirements have been completed and are posted on the degree audit. If the student is in the process of completing the final pending courses, the student cannot move out of pending. They must wait until all pending courses are completed and final grades are posted on the degree audit. The student should bring a copy of their unofficial transcript to orientation that shows enrollment in final pending courses so discuss appropriate overrides.

Most upper-level engineering courses are restricted until a student has successfully completed all pending requirements. For more information on access to major courses while in pending status, click here.