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Override Requests

Overrides for CECS courses are reviewed and processed by the CECS Academic Affairs Office. Overrides are not permitted if a student has not met the UCF prerequisite requirements for a course or if a course is closed. There are no exceptions to this policy.

When encountering enrollment errors, students are encouraged to work with an Academic Success Coach to determine if seeking an override is appropriate.

Confirm Correct Override Submission College

It is important you review the information below to make sure you are submitting your override to the correct college. Submissions for non-CECS courses will not be processed, and you will have to resubmit to the correct college (which delays processing).

College of Engineering and Computer Science Overrides
  • STA 3032
  • Courses with the following prefixes:

    • EEE, EEL
    • EIN, ESI, EGS
College of Sciences Overrides

If you are trying to submit an override for a course listed below, STOP.

Overrides for the courses below must be submitted through the College of Sciences at this link.

  • MAC 2311C, MAC 2312C, MAC 2313C
  • MAP 2302, MAS 3105
  • STA 2023
  • PHY 2048/L, PHY 2049/L
  • CHM 2045C or CHS 1440C
College of Arts and Humanities Overrides

If you are trying to submit an override for a course listed below, STOP.

Overrides for the courses below must be submitted through the College of Arts. Their contact information can be found here.

  • ENC 1102
  • ENC 3241 or ENC 3250

How to Submit a CECS Override Request

CECS course overrides requests by undergraduate students or for undergraduate coursework should be submitted via the override form linked below. A member of the CECS Academic Affairs Office will review your override and process if approved. Please allow at least 2-3 business days for processing.

It is extremely important to correctly fill out the override form. If it is not filled out correctly, processing times will be delayed, and your submission may be returned to you or denied.

*Please note Override requests are processed during normal business hours (typically Monday-Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm) in the order they are received. There is no way to expedite override requests, and processing time may be extended during peak registration periods.

How to Submit a Special Registration Override Request (research, independent study, etc)

Special Registration Forms will need to be filled out via the link below. It will be routed to your professor and then the department chair/program coordinator for approval, and then it will be routed to the CECS Academic Affairs Office for processing.

Incoming Transient Students, Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Coursework, and Other “3PM” Overrides

CECS course override requests made by

  • incoming transient students from an institution outside of UCF,
  • graduate students taking undergraduate coursework,
  • non-degree seeking students,
  • state employees,
  • students auditing a course, or
  • other students as informed by CECS

should complete the “3PM” override in lieu of the standard override. To access the “3PM” override, please click the below link:

If you are submitting overrides for multiple courses, please submit one form for each course.

All communications will be sent to your UCF email address ( Please monitor your UCF email for any updates on the status of your form(s).