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CECS Retention and Success Initiative

The mission of this initiative is to provide intervention to students who are experiencing academic difficulty and direct them to a path of successful completion of a degree at UCF. This initiative has three components:

  • CECS Lack of Progress Policy (for more information click here)
  • Academic Alert Program
  • Academic Probation Program

Academic Alert Program

Academic Alert is an intervention advising program for students who have experienced a significant slide in their grade point average.

Students identified as having a continued slide or low term grade point average are required to complete an online workshop or schedule an appointment with an AAO advisor.

Academic Probation Progam

Students placed on academic probation are defined by the university as having a less than 2.0 UCF grade point average.

CECS requires students who have been placed on probation to participate in an online workshop their first semester on probation. First Time In College (FTIC) students and students who continue on probation for additional semesters are required to meet with an AAO advisor.