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Taking a Course as a Transient Student

Courses taken at another institution during a student’s UCF Career are called “Transient Courses”. The College of Engineering and Computer Science recommends that once admitted to UCF all math, science, engineering, computer science, and information technology classes be taken at UCF if the credits are being used toward a major within CECS. Students who are considering taking transient courses should work with a CECS academic advisor prior to taking the class. When thinking about taking classes as a transient student please consider the following:

  • Taking courses as a Transient student will not allow you to enroll in future courses within the College of Engineering and Computer Science until the final grade in the transient course can be provided to UCF. This will impact registration for future terms
  • Due to the Progress Policy, CECS does not approve transient requests for courses which have been taken twice at UCF
  • Grade Forgiveness cannot be used when repeating courses at another institution
  • CECS does not approve transient courses if the UCF pre- requisite or co-requisite has not been completed
  • CECS does not approve transient coursework for students who have been discontinued or disqualified from UCF
  • Additional CECS information regarding transient coursework can be found here: CECS Transient In-State Information Sheet

For more information on taking transient courses and submitting transient applications, please refer to the UCF Registrars website