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CECS Progress Policy Readmission and Change of Major Restrictions

Students reapplying to UCF or submitting a change of major request to a CECS major with seven (7) or more low grades or two (2) or more unsuccessful attempts of the same UCF course may be denied (re)admission to a CECS major.

Readmission Following Disqualification:

Students who are on academic probation and receive below a 2.0 term GPA while on academic probation will be disqualified from the University. A student who is disqualified may not enroll at the University for two semesters following disqualification. Readmission after two semesters is not automatic. Disqualified CECS students who hope to return to the university must have readmission support for CECS and show clear evidence of satisfactory academic performance since leaving the university.

We strongly encourage all disqualified CECS students who plan on applying for readmission to UCF to schedule an appointment with CECS Academic Affairs Director to discuss your academic options while suspended from the university. These appointments take place after Add/Drop week each semester. To schedule an appointment, please call 407-823-2455.

Readmission Following Non-Enrollment:

Students who have not been enrolled for two consecutive semester must apply for readmission to UCF. For more information on applying for readmission, please refer to the UCF Registrars website.